Potensi desa membuat kita melangkah, ada  pilar lingkungan, pilar kesehatan, pilar pendidikan dan pilar kewirausahaan menjadi poin gerakan utama kami di desa Kanreapia, berikut beritanya di Sosok Kompas Sabtu 7 Januari 2023.

Jamaluddin’s determination to strive for the advancement of his village has never waned. After establishing Rumah Koran (Newspaper House) for activities to promote literacy in his village, he has motivated farmers to take up organic farming. The villagers’ incomes have increased and their living standards have been elevated as a result.

In mid-August 2022, Jamaluddin, who goes by the nickname Jamal, was preparing to travel a long way from Gowa, South Sulawesi, to the provincial capital Makassar to attend the 2022 Village Product Export Ceremony. During the event, a number of villages in the province’s regencies of Wakatobi, Bombana and Bone marked the exports of fishery and agricultural products to the United States, China, India and Pakistan.

These villages belong to the Astra Welfare Villages (DSA), which receive support from PT Astra International Tbk. The export value of their fishery products, seaweed and patchouli oil reached Rp 6.5 billion.

On the occasion, Jamal joined a discussion forum with the DSA management on successfully exporting the villages’ products, while they also shared their experiences.

“I attended the event in the hope that we could follow in their footsteps to export vegetables from Kanreapia. Moreover, we are known as a vegetable producer with a high rate of production,” said Jamal.

After graduating university with a master’s degree, Jamal returned to his hometown of Kanreapia village in Tombolo Pao district, Gowa regency, South Sulawesi. He was the first youth in his village to finish university and to obtain a master’s degree. On seeing the low level of education among the villagers, Jamal became motivated to do something about it.

At that time, while working as a farmer, he initiated a forum to increase literacy, Rumah Koran, to teach the village children to read, do arithmetic and speak English.

Aside from children, Jamal tried to invite participants from all circles, including young farmers. He encouraged farmers to pursue organic farming, which was becoming increasingly preferred by many people. He guided them in learning about organic farming together. All his efforts for the village community earned him a Satu Indonesia (one Indonesia) Award in 2017.



He encouraged farmers to pursue organic farming, which was becoming increasingly preferred by many people.

This recognition prompted Jamal to improve his village even further. In 2021, Kanreapia village was named an Astra Brilliant Village (KBA), which received assistance from Astra for various community empowerment programs. Jamal said the KBA prioritized the four areas of education, entrepreneurship, agriculture and the environment.

“Rumah Koran started [a series of] activities. For education, we built toilets for the elementary school that had been without toilets for five years. For health, we provided more facilities for the Posyandu [integrated health services post],” Jamal said when contacted in mid-December 2022.

Vegetable handouts

In agriculture, Jamal urged farmers to practice organic farming. They started growing vegetables such as cabbage, mustard greens, carrot, tomato and chayote using organic farming methods.

“In entrepreneurship, agriculture and the environment are interconnected. Besides organic farming, we also have a greening plot to conserve natural springs that produce creeks that can be channeled to residential homes,” he said.

The vegetables harvested in Kanreapia village have been distributed to two districts in Gowa regency so far. With its fertile soil, the village is able to produce several tonnes of crop vegetables in one day.

“The high demand for vegetables has persuaded us to establish a company, so that we can also market vegetables online in order to draw greater interest from consumers,” said Jamal.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Jamal urged the farmers to share their vegetables with several regions. The Vegetable Charity Program distributed vegetables of up to 100 tonnes two to three times each month.

They distributed vegetables to pesantren (Islamic boarding schools) and orphanages in various parts of Gowa regency. The Vegetable Charity Program also spread to other regions like Makassar, as well as Takalar and Maros regencies.

“We cooperated with the police’s mobile brigade [unit], which collected vegetables from farms for delivering to orphanages. At the outset of the pandemic, we shared vegetables with isolated villages and those hit by floods and landslides. Some vegetables were sent to communal kitchens,” added Jamal.

Students often come here for research. They usually observe the village’s potential while learning organic farming.

The various activities Jamal and other farmers of Kanreapia conducted were documented online on Rumah Koran’s YouTube channel. Jamal and Rumah Koran’s successful endeavors became widely known, and attracted university students who were interested in learning about their efforts.

Jamal, who had once been a lecturer, was pleased to share his knowledge. Rumah Koran, which was initially established at his parents’ duck breeding shed, was expanded through the addition of a facility at another location.

"Students often come here for research. They usually observe the village’s potential while learning organic farming. Several of them also volunteer at [Rumah Koran],” said Jamal, who has displayed all the group’s activities at Rumah Koran.


Born: Kanreapia, Gowa regency, 20 Aug. 1988


- Master in Human Resources Management, Indonesian Muslim University (2011-2014)

- Bachelor in Indonesian Language Education, Bosowa University, Makassar (2006-2011)


- Founder, Rumah Koran (Quran House) and Kampung Sayur (Vegetable Village)

Awards include:

- Young Achiever, Gowa regency (2017)

- Satu Indonesia Awards (2017)

- Runner-Up, Independent Young Entrepreneurs Zone (2020)

- Millennial Farmer Envoy (2021)

- KBA-DSA Innovation Awards from PT Astra International Tbk (2021)

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